NO APPLAUSE, PLEASE by Marilyn Singer


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Essentially a story about friendship, and the need--as Ruthie's favorite teacher and her old-country grandmother keep reminding her--to stick by a friend even though she might be less than loyal. It's a tot to ask considering that Ruthie has always been the first to make up after fights with Laurie, and especially considering that Laurie and her silly, ambitious mother don't hesistate to drop Ruthie when the agent who auditions the girls as a winning high school duo decides he wants to handle only Laurie. Ruthie doesn't care about a performing career, only about her friend's treachery, but when it turns out that the agent has been taking Laurie and her mother for an expensive ride, even a nice new boyfriend doesn't keep Ruthie from running to her side. Certainly the theme applies widely at this level and the daydream of being a teenage duo appeals. (So, incidentally, will Ruthie's bold putdowns of Laurie's mother.) But Laurie hardly seems worth it--and though that might be part of the point, her shallowness sets the tone.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1977
Publisher: Dutton