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CREATURE CARNIVAL by Marilyn Singer Kirkus Star


by Marilyn Singer & illustrated by Gris Grimly

Age Range: 7 - 10

Pub Date: April 1st, 2004
ISBN: 0-7868-1877-8
Publisher: Hyperion

A true feast for all monster fans, this versified tour gathers creatures from myth, folklore, urban legends, and even films, into a decidedly unsavory sideshow. Visitors will encounter the likes of the Cheshire Cat and Godzilla, a drooling Frog Prince and a ruthless beauty queen mermaid. Or, if they so desire, they can wrestle a multi-armed kraken, or take a ride on, well: “Not a horse, not a bird, / wouldn’t drop an egg on us. / Very sleek, very Greek, / In a word: / it’s Pegasus.” Grimly casts an oddball array of egg-headed, pencil-necked young onlookers, marveling at each unkempt, pop-eyed, usually leering Attraction before ending up being hauled off in a cage themselves. The carnival’s residents, nearly three dozen strong, get identifying notes at the end. This attention-getting menagerie will have readers and listeners sitting on the edges—and probably falling right out—of their seats: as the mustachioed barker declaims, “Listen—that’s the werewolf’s band / over by the I Scream stand. / Ticket, please. I’ll stamp your hand.” Step right up. (Poetry. 7-10)