PHYSICAL FITNESS by Marilyn Snyder & Ira Neiger Halper


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Yet another ""action plan"" from the Preventive Medicine Institute/Strang Clinic which, in this case, provides the tools to set up an individual exercise program: first assess your motivation (improved looks or health, sounder sleep), then put together a regimen accordingly. Much simpler than most general exercise books, this assigns point value to attitudes and lifestyle so readers can anticipate where problems will arise--getting out of bed earlier, making time each day for exercise, etc. That established, the authors provide some physiological background--why to warm up, how to achieve cardiovascular fitness, what physical goals are realistic--and review the basic principles of exercising: begin gradually, be sure the exercises you choose are designed to meet your specific goals, etc. Simple exercises are provided for warm-up (standard, but reliable); for improving endurance (how to jog or jump rope), strength (some weight-lifting), and flexibility (stretches); and for cooling down. Special offerings include moderate exercises--for older people, and those who've been ill or extremely sedentary--and others for tension relief, massage, and low back pain. A soundly conceived and well-designed book that, with the special attention to motivation, should help readers accomplish their exercise goals.

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 1980
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston