THE THIRD WORLD: The Unaligned Countries and the World Revolution by Mario Rossi

THE THIRD WORLD: The Unaligned Countries and the World Revolution

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There have been a dizzying number of books in this area published recently, and most of them are obsolete in important respects before one has had a chance to them. Not so Mr. Rossi's; it is ""the fruit of literally thousands of interviews with Third World leaders and representatives at the U.N. over the past 10 years,"" and is much more than reportage on current Afro-Asian trends: it is a profound robing into the essence of the ideas contained in such terms as ""Peaceful Coexistence,"" ""Anticolonialism,"" and ""Nonalignment"". Mr. Rossi is concerned less with the particular manifestations of these concepts than with their concrete definitions, which he supplies succinctly and without equivocation. As he says, ""No pretense made to stand in judgment or to take sides."" The Third World is ""not a world aiting to choose which side to join because it has already chosen to be itself,"" he begins, and then explains the whys and wherefores. He concludes: ""To make it possible for the Third World to effect its integration into the world means to accept the integration of the world. The forces set loose by the revolution of our time can be diverted only at the cost of disaster. They point toward unity and cooperation. There is no alternative if humanity is to survive.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1963
Publisher: unk & Wagnalls