THE CAPRI LETTERS by Mario Soldati


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The self centered dossier of Harry, an insolvent expatriate in Rome, pinpoints his marital malaise, sexual ambivalence and disaffection-relentlessly- but without remorse, traces his relationships with Dorothea, his mistress and a prostitute, and Jane, his wife- as well as Jane's with a lover, Aldo, in the form of a written confidence to a friend. Through the years, before and after his marriage to Jane, his secret love for Dorothea feeds on the perverse attraction of her profession. Jane, however, is much more tormented by her love for Aldo, and hers is a troubled confession to Harry just before her death in a plane accident revealing the letters from Capri written to her lover. With the loss of Jane, Harry takes Dorothes to America, as a wife and mother to his children, and once he has established her in respectability finds that she has lost her allure...These chafed spirits, indulging in an appraisal of their doubts, suspicions, and passing pleasures, owe something to Moravia- and that will be the audience to approach.

Publisher: Knopf