ELIZABETH, THE QUEEN by Marion Crawford


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The Royal Family, as seen by ""Crawfie"", governess to the ""little princesses"", has become familiar to the American public through successive loving accounts. This- third in the series- is peculiarly timely, coming so close to the accession of Princess Elizabeth to the throne. An intimate picture of a charming young girl growing into maturity as wife, mother- and now Queen- will have undoubted appeal, and the fact that the portrait is sentimentally rose colored, uncritical, admiring, may enhance its popularity, while militating against its claim to posterity. One gets again an idea of a happy family life; of the curious reaching out- on the part of the princesses- for some idea of how other people live; of Elizabeth's closeness to her father, conscious preparation for the role in which fortune has cast her; of the journeys of good will, the acceptance of responsibility, not only in serious affairs of state, but in warm human relationships. Those who are looking for an objective characterization -- or for bits of behind the scenes gossip --must seek elsewhere. This is a loving tribute to the young queen.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1952
Publisher: Prentice-Hall