MOTHER AND QUEEN: The Story of Queen Mary by Marion Crawford

MOTHER AND QUEEN: The Story of Queen Mary

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Governess ""Crawfie,"" whose tweedy press chronicled the activities of Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose in The Little , published in book and magazine form last year, here pays tribute to the majestic Queen Mother Mary of Britain. Gardens, antiques, reading, as well as the serious matters of family events and close and affectionate ties with royalty and commencers have all reflected Queen Mary's stature, sense of duty and graciousness throughout her career as Princess, Queen and Queen Mother. Interspersed among Crawfie's accounts of her personal meetings with Queen Mary, are bits and snippets about birth, marriage and death -- marked years of Mary's public and domestic life. Some titbits about a shiny private tea in the Queen's own chambers; some tight-lipped comments on the ""fascinating"" behavior of the Duchess of Windsor; and royal festivities enliven the proceedings. Also the reader will not be surprised to learn that the shop which makes the Queen Mother's hats also produced creations for Queen Victoria. peeps at royalty with a ready feminine, plush-hungry market. Note change of publisher.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall