SHELTER FROM THE WIND by Marion Dane Bauer


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Stacy runs away from a nagging, pregnant stepmother and the memory of her real mother, an alcoholic, and is taken in by Old Ella who is still getting by in the same one-room homestead where she survived the dustbowl. Ella epitomizes the brusque serenity of old age and Stacy soon learns about Ben, the much loved husband who deserted the homestead and Ella back in the Fifties and, more intimately, about death when the task of drowning a deformed puppy falls to her. Stacy's selfish anger and dawning maturity are familiar stuff, but Ella's gruff reassurance does seem genuinely wise and the episode with the puppy more to the point than the manufactured physical challenge which too often serves as a climax. Nothing especially subtle or different, but the slight frame carries its sentiments well.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1976
ISBN: 0761456872
Publisher: Seabury