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Tools to Create a Phenomenal Life

by Marion Froome

Pub Date: July 1st, 2013
Publisher: Epiphany Enterprises

One woman’s struggle to bounce back after a devastating injury inspires her to create a system to help others take control of their lives.

In her mid-20s, Marion Froome suffered a severe on-the-job injury that left her bedridden, in severe pain and unable to work. For years, she struggled to make sense of her new life, turning to food, marijuana and alcohol in an attempt to stave off depression and panic attacks. She considered suicide more than once. But Froome was able to step back from the brink by developing a series of steps she calls “B.F.R.E.E.”—breath, focus, revive your body, establish control and escape everyday—which, she says, allowed her to turn her life around. Froome outlines the B.F.R.E.E steps in depth while also sharing personal anecdotes about her own struggle to overcome adversity. The book starts slowly—specific steps aren’t introduced until chapter six—but Froome’s advice will likely be useful to anyone willing to try out a variety of strategies based on common New Age practices, such as using breathing techniques to manage stress, meditation to create peace of mind and affirmations to change self-perception. Each chapter concludes with one or more exercises that readers can complete to help put the chapter-specific lessons into practice. Despite some sketchy science—such as a claim that water molecules can change shape when exposed to different human emotions—the guide is balanced with reminders that readers shouldn’t reject traditional Western medicine entirely, especially when dealing with serious mental and physical problems. Froome also tempers some of her more “out-there” suggestions with sensible guidance on eating right and positive thinking, while reminding readers that “it is not what you are faced with in life, but how you deal with it that matters.”

Solid inspiration and tools for readers not averse to embracing an array of New Age techniques in their quest to live a happy and full life.