BRIGHT, PARTICULAR STAR by Marion Garthwaite
Kirkus Star


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Torrey Thorne was a post graduate student of Library Science at a college in San Francisco when she met Cleve Macklin. She neglected a crucial course under scholarly Dr. Jordan for their whirlwind courtship. Miss Clevinger, Cleve's rich godmother and only living relative, opposed the match, and sent Cleve off to South America with a friend of hers on business in an attempt to break their engagement. Torrey flunked Dr. Jordan's course and as a result was forced to repeat the course with a part-time library job on the side. Though Miss Clevinger hoped to sabotage Torrey's romance with her godson by enlisting support from Mona, the beautiful socialite who was Torrey's co-worker, Cleve proved his independence and returned to Torrey and to a future of co-existence with the domineering, wealthy dowager. Action crackles, the characters are convincing and the background on library science is attractive.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1958
Publisher: Messner