TEDDY'S CAMP-OUT by Marion Holland


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Even the thought of a sweet gooey wedding cake could not compensate for all the trouble young Teddy was having in preparation for his cousin's wedding. When mother gives her unexpected permission for Teddy to miss the wedding, and for his friend Joe to share the house for a week, no happier boy ever lived. But why face the grueling ordeal of dirty dishes and housekeeping? Why not camp out? Joe's brainstorm turns into a nightmare as the boys grapple with inadequate food, humpy hammocks, muddy streams and rain. Without admitting their mistake to each other, they return to the house to find it burgled. Whose cigar was smoldering in the ash tray? Why were coffee grounds and egg shells in the sink? Setting a clever booby trap, the boys are shocked to discover the identity of their victim, Joe's father, who had spent the night along with police and neighbors, looking for a pair of wayward campers. Though Teddy and Joe are now ironically faced with the task they set out to avoid- cleaning up an unsightly mess, they are amply rewarded when Joe's father suggests another camp-out, this one complete with steaks, solid equipment and expert supervision. Well meaning boys like Teddy and Joe will identify completely with this experience, while they learn the lessons of the outdoors painlessly. A lighthearted entertainment for the upper half of this age group.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Knopf