NEW DIGS FOR BEAU by Marion; Illus. by John D'Aponte Margolis


Age Range: 3 - 5
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Nicely varied pictures support a story that will appeal specifically to dog-lovers, children who have just moved houses (or are just about to), and readers familiar with New York City and Central Park.

Beau, a Dalmatian, moves from "a house with a great big yard and lots of grass and trees" to an apartment on the West Side of Manhattan. Sitting in the new apartment, ignored by the movers and surrounded by boxes, Beau wonders sadly where his favorite objects are and whether he’ll ever make new friends. He looks mournfully out the window and sees a huge park--and there are dogs running around! He immediately runs out the door and onto the city streets all by himself. Traffic and streetlights intimidate him briefly, but he soon latches on to a dog-walker and her dogs. Beau joins them for Frisbee and "leap dog," digging holes, and chasing squirrels and pigeons. His new pals jump into a fountain, but Beau decides he better not track muddy paws into his new apartment. Returning home with a promised play-date for the next day, he takes a refreshing drink from the toilet bowl and curls up on his favorite couch. Margolis winks at readers as Beau's owners (appearing for the first time) lament how boring and lonely Beau's day must have been. Frequent misplaced and missing commas are a distraction, but the illustrations use color well for cheer and atmosphere, and angles and perspective vary and remain interesting.

Small in scope, but will attract readers interested particularly in dogs, moving, and Manhattan. (3-5)

ISBN: 1-4134-6361-4
Program: Kirkus Indie
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