ALL I WANT IS EVERYTHING by Marion Mill Preminger


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At 17 Marion married an anthropologist on the Q.T. thus abrogating tradition and family expectations. This first rebellious act initiated a whole vainglorious series which further defied the customs of her native land, Hungary, and her aristocratic but charitable family. To Paris and the glamorous whirl of fashion, stage and admiration went this bragadoccio miss whose propensity for name-dropping and self-augmentation jars the humbler of us commoners. After some rather unsuccessful maneuvers on the stage she met Preminger, a director, married him and went to Hollywood still sans vocation. To divert her carefree life, she took lessons (swimming, Yogi, diction, music, etc.), she did bridal decorations, she ""invented"" sandwiches, she lectured. Later she visited Albert Schweitzer and directed the A.S. Hospital Fund, her father committed suicide, she redivorced, she revisited Hungary and pulled her mother and sister to safety.....but after all the luxury, flippancy, risque coyness, the account of these events waxes going to church after visiting the sporting house. Her time-killing activities are for time-killing readers.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1957
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls