A PUBLIC SCHOOL by Marion Nesbitt


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A demonstration of the progressive concepts which animate the Maury School in Richmond, Virginia, in which the larger view of an education for life- rather than education in specific skills is persuasively expressed by one of the teachers there. From the question of planning in which parents and teachers and children all participate, this brushes in the various phases of the school life; play which is unregimented but not uncontrolled; listening and talking as well as reading and writing; exhibits and the library and the book fair which supplement the program; music, color and design and craftsmanship; the ideas of quantity and space; the universe which is explored and in which they experiment; and most important, the spirit of cooperation and integration in which child has his contribution to make and an individual potential to be developed..... A book which states the progressive theory and vision in this field in broad terms- with conviction and dedication.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1953
Publisher: Harper