GIVE MY HEART: The Dr. Marion Hilliard Story by Marion O. Robinson

GIVE MY HEART: The Dr. Marion Hilliard Story

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In over thirty years of practice in obstetrics and gynecology, this Canadian physician delivered countless numbers of ""Hilliard babies,"" advised, taught, and wrote books for and about women. Continuing the work of the female pioneers in medicine, Dr. Hilliard was a hockey-playing ""Medette"" at the University of Toronto, took further training in London hospitals, and eventually served as Chief of Obstetrics and Cynecology at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, where she had served her first internship years before. Equipped with astounding physical stamina and a genuine belief in human love and the beauty of childbirth, she became an inspiration to her patients, friends, and thousands of unknown women readers. The story of this famous woman who dedicated her life to other women's physical and psychological health is likely to hold the same inspiration as she herself did until her death in 1958.

Publisher: Doubleday