THE EARTH IS OURS by Marion Pedersen Teal
Kirkus Star


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There's nothing particularly new in the Teal's desire to get away from the and make a life for themselves-on a farm. It has been done from all sorts of and usually makes good reading (not often as as The Egg and I -- but An tral farm in Illi and $12,000 in debts provided the spur, and the Teals away from New York and a small but relatively secure salary check to an old, rat- inconvenient, long tenant-occupied farmhouse and took stock of their assets and lities. Acres of unimproved farmland, an old-fashioned barm, decrepit outbuildings, house, and not a few unsympathetic neighbors -- against two healthy, sensible one of them a ""born farmer"",- a sense of humor and grim determination. This is the of how they won out; well written, and humorously -- and full of heart-warming kindliness. They raised fine hogs, pedigreed cattle, grew their corn by scientific methods Mrs. Teal had her ""egg money""; they weathered storms, droughts, backbreaking war they won the friendship of their neighbors; and they never regretted their decision. Good reading- a book it will be fun (though not very easy) to sell.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1948
Publisher: Crowell