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This is the second book for the Slim market, mentioned above. A better book than the other, East River -- or perhaps the vastness of the project, -- the building a great dam, seems more gripping, more to take unto itself the minor theme of the men. It may be based on Boulder Dam -- or it may not. One feels the relentless force of the construction of the dam as inevitable protagonist; the engineer, struggling to make the chiefs back home see that there is a human element to be considered, that profit is and must be secondary, struggling to make the men feel that he is working with and for them, not against them, he is simply a cog in the wheel. Flood and storm and disease are stronger than he. A man's book, primarily, but a book that gives new light to yet another phase of a new world.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1935
Publisher: Stokes