STREET FAIR by Marjorie Fischer
Kirkus Star


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This is fun, for light moments, but not what one would call a profound book. And, frankly, it straddles two markets (as did Daddy and I by Elizabeth Jordan) adult and older girls, which may be turned into plus sales, but which has to be adroitly handled, not to fall between. The story of two children, who are aided and abetted by Fate into dodging the educational values of Europe as defined by their mother, and who manage to find out a great deal more about life than they bargained for. A bedtime escapade and a visit to a Paris street fair starts the ball rolling, and it keeps rolling along. Lots of chuckles and rather natural, spontaneous dialogue. Possibly for the Demon in the House market.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1935
Publisher: Smith & Haas