THE SUDDEN LADY by Marjorie G. Lowe


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A costume drama, Victorian, tells of Jessica Huwlett, orphaned and reared by her father's people- the gypsies from whom she knows little love, so that her seduction by an aristocrat- Sir Colby- is partly in hope that she can escape to another life. Colby however abandons her forthwith, marries a wealthy girl, Emily, who will bear his child-as will Jessica. When Emily dies in childbirth, leaving him only a girl, Colby is determined to secure Jessica's boy as his heir, goes through a formal marriage to legitimize the infant, and dies- not as he had expected to- but violently. Jess is accused of his murder, and her Romany background makes her a likely victim of suspicion as well as stigma, until her only friend, Mark Foster, and her extrasensory gift, help to prove her innocent.. The publishers hope for the Mistress of Mellyn market, and while this is agreeable enough, this reading of the tea leaves would say no, or at any rate- not quite.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1961
Publisher: Putnam