HOUSEFUL OF LOVE by Marjorie Housepian


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What Jerre Mangione did for the Italian-Americans in his Mount Allegro back in 1943, Marjorie Housepian has done for the Armenian-Americans in this boisterous, over-flowing semi-fictional portrayal of the family of which she is a part. From the ancient matriarch, Marta- Mama, clinging to life in order to see again the boy she had raised as her own, Levon Dai, prosperous Council Bluffs dry cleaner -- to young Melkon, who avidly collected stamps, one feels part and parcel of the family. There's Uncle Pousant who has no inhibitions about shouting his feelings to all the world- and nothing but scorn for all other cooks but himself- all other restaurants but his own. There's the sad Kelesh who wants to popularize yogurt with the American public. There's the learned Boghos who finally gets his chance to tell people about Armenia- and get paid for it. And there's Marjorie herself- growing up ""American"" but adoring her warm-hearted, colorful, melodramatic family. The characters have been introduced in short stories and are here brought together thinly disguised as ""a novel"", set in the Armenian section of New York. It is fun reading- a relief to share the sense of warmth and friendliness.

Pub Date: June 24th, 1957
Publisher: Random House