KING LAVRA AND THE BARBER by Marjorie- Illus. Auerbach


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King Lavra of Lavy (short for Lavvriksnipxcygrynch) was well liked by everyone but the barbers. Once a year the king would have his tangled hair and beard trimmed, but afterward the barber would always disappear. A special exception was made in the case of Kukaleen, who was spared as a favor to his mother and made royal barber. Kukaleen made a vow that he would not reveal what he had seen under the King's hair. When he could no longer keep the secret to himself he whispered it into a hole in an old willow tree. A bases fiddle with a peg made from the wood of the tree gave away the mystery -- King Lavra, like King Midas, had donkey ears! The author of Seven Uncles Come to Dinner has reworked this favorite old myth into an engaging tale. The crayon illustrations in pink, gray and green warmly depict the frolicking kingdom.

Publisher: Knopf