SEVEN UNCLES COME TO DINNER by Marjorie- Illus. Auerbach


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Emile, a small French boy, is sent to market for his Tante Louise who must clean house and prepare dinner for Emile's seven uncles. Too rushed to write out a list, she rattles off her needs in rhyme for Emile, who is a quick study. Like most quick studies, (and many small shoppers), his forgettery is as fast as his memory and when he reaches the market, he simply makes a new list in rhyme. His wildly improbable purchases do not daunt Tante Louise who whips up a casserole that the uncles find fantastic but tasty. The stylized pictures are big, bold, blocky and colorful. The print size is good for better readers venturing into reading alone. The vocabulary of the story (and the signs in the illustrations) are pleasantly touched with French (and a good headstart on menu-French.) A well-integrated book by the author of Cats Have Kittens-- Do Gloves Have Mittens?

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Knopf