YOU IT LOOKS GOOD by Marjorie Lee


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The truth is, my childhood wasn't bad enough to write a book about. My career is."" Thus speaks Phyllis Mandelbaum, who at a pert twenty-two sets out on a career in sportswear at Carlton-Cravens, a Philadelphia high fashion store. Her career is doomed from the start by the wistful and not so shy shadows of the well-intentioned and the wolf whistling young men. From a highspirited, sheltering ewish family, run by a willful grandmother who give chicken soup transfusions t every turn, Phyllis moves into a world where her friend Hackett, who wants her o grow up, lives unmarried with a man; into the vicinity of wealthy Harold Sussman, store scion, who treats her like a physics problem to be inevitably solved. Her adillac cabbie friend Joe Magnani extends the protective arm as far as he can, and lumps for the final choice--the one-time boy-next-door fudge-maker who is now a starting surgeon, Jay Barrish. Phyllis makes her bid for freedom, and is surprised to find that her beloved Pops is all for it. All ends well on a happy ending toot which finds Hackett sporting an engagement ring, and Phyllis, with revised visions of tradition, close on her heels. Circumstances are given a conventional nod here in what is essentially situation comedy dressed up with some bright new talk and straight-faced spoofing. Less abrasive than The Lion House.

Publisher: Morrow