PRAIRIE PRINTER by Marjorie Medary


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Tom Kenyon, hero of this story, appeared first some years back in Buckeye Boy. In this sequel, Tom leaves Ohio, works his way through to Iowa, where, driven by the necessity of earning his food and keep, he is slow in approaching his goal as a printer on a newspaper. As prospective journalist, young Tom is interested in politics, and gets involved in the skirmishes of the late 1850's, the aspirations of Fremont, the issues of freedom vs slavery that were slowly driving a wedge between the northern and southern sympathies of the Midwest, the Dred Scott decision, the question of freedom of the press- and many other exciting issues of the day. Tom comes out squarely on the side of freedom, and- difficult as it is to make good characterization in a story of this type- the author has succeeded in depicting Tom as a natural human being. The story leaves him as he buys out his boss, to become proprietor of his own paper, and there's a bit of romance on the side. Place for upper Junior High and lower High School readers.

Pub Date: Aug. 3rd, 1949
Publisher: Longmans, Green