ROCKY AND SANDY by Marjorie Rankin Steurt


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An outstanding series of close-up photos of the life of a desert tortoise, largely self-explanatory, is marred by an anthropomorphic text. Rocky and Sandy are the odd couple who find contentment together: ""Now neither was lonely. They were both very happy."" Then a rival appears for Sandy, and Rocky crosses shells with him: ""If (Sandy) could have spoken she would have yelled, 'Rocky, get him, Rocky.'"" (He does.) All of this is not equally ludicrous but the imputation of human sensibilities to the tortoises continues throughout, and the writing is careless: ""Reptiles do not care for their babies"" means that they don't take care of them. Another might-have-been.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1967
Publisher: Ward Ritchie