A HORSE CALLED MYSTERY by Marjorie Reynolds


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Having been something of a loner during his early life due to a limp, Owlie (about twelve) developed an understanding and love for animals-- especially horses. By chance, he is able to buy an injured one for $40.00, and with his father's help, guides ""Mystery"" back to lively good health. Owlie's father is caretaker of a doctor's estate; during this summer, one of his duties involves taking supplies to the unnamed, unseen occupant of a small island owned by the doctor. Owlie, washed up on shore there during a storm, discovers that the occupant is the doctor himself. Because his face had been badly scarred in a fire, the doctor is afraid to live in society. When Owlie's mother, who is a mute, needs a doctor, Owlie heads for the isle on Mystery and returns with the doctor. Gradually the boy draws the man back to reality, and in the process comes closer himself. The author of The Cabin on Ghostly Pond (1962, p. 180, J-58) has written a story which is interesting enough, but burdened by sentimentality and melodrama.

Publisher: Harper & Row