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Dr. Despert, a child psychologist of considerable standing, and experience, has written a first book in this field which should be of infinite help to those parents who are contemplating- or have completed- a divorce action. Believing that it is not the divorce, but what is made of it by those involved which is destructive, she faces the various situations a divorce entails: the emotional pitfalls of guilt (and over- compensation) in the parent, and fear and hostility in the child; the immediate handling- how to tell the child -- and how much; the practical changes in school and home environment; the remarriage of a parent; etc. etc. Case histories all show up the legacy of unhappiness divorce can leave and the manifestations of disturbance in the child. The conduct of the courts and their limitations and inadequacies underline the fact that custody is more than a question of law and that children too often are not the consideration inlegal action which is brought to judgment. All this leads to the larger question of divorce as a social symptom of instability which in its turn, in the crippling of first affections and loyalties, is handed down to the next generation.... The unfortunate statistic that one out of three marriages ends in divorce indicates the potential market here.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1953
Publisher: Doubleday