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Here is a book that stays firmly within the boundaries of things visible to the naked eye and the small telescope, thus made to order for the amateur. Groundwork of the nature of stars and planets in the night skies, then the individual constellations, as they may be seen with the eye, the opera glass, the small telescope. The author explains how amateurs may construct their own star charts, their own sundials, their own telescope, which makes this a good handbook for construction projects and small scale scientific experiments, an important factor in enlarging the sale of the book for boys and girls. The most valuable contribution it makes, for the type of reader who is interested, is the notation following each subject (the meteors, the sun, moon, and planets) as to what instruments may be constructed and what experiments made. The matter dealing with constellation guides, etc. has been better done elsewhere. But the combination of this with the project and construction work makes this unique.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1938
Publisher: Whittlesey