THE ENCHANTED HEART by Marjorie Worthington


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Femininely styled, but with more substance than some, this tells of the unquestioning, undying love of Emily Brown for John Stickney, a painter of considerable celebrity. Emily, who finds only happiness in her subservience to Stickney, whose genius is equalled by his extremes of egotism, spends the summers with him in Toulon as his mistress, paints too- though hers is a minor talent. But this summer varies from others as John, close to a mental as well as a moral breakdown, tortures her physically, perversely, and finally Emily is forced to make a final break in the relationship. In so doing she goes on to a life of her own which knows no other love but leads to her acceptance as an artist in her own right.... If not wholly conventional, the indications here are for rentals rather than sales.

Publisher: Doubleday