BY THE TAIL by Marjorie


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, realistic writing and balanced characterization for a first novel which reads well. Centured Polly, smart, ambitious (to be a lawyer), and saddled with a scattertrained, big mouthed, improvident family who through their dependence on her prive her of a chance to go on studying. At this time she meets Dan, who wants to be a farmer and is not succeeding too well as a salesman, falls in love with him -- but mistrusts his future. an, knowing he can't make her happy until she gets away, her to go to the University. There she meets Jud -- campus leader -- and slated for success. She agrees to marry him, just to get on, but at the close goes back to the family and Dan realizing that isn't everything. Buoyant, credible family story and romance.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1943
Publisher: Lippincott