ONE PERFECT ROSE by Marjory Hall


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When she graduates from high school, Prill Sage decides to go to work immediately so that she will no longer be a financial burden to her working-widowed mother. She sits and thinks and in a flush of brilliance decides to try interior decorating. A few discouraging no-chance interviews get her down, but Prill presses on and lands a Gal-Friday job which includes a chance for broader experience. She buries herself in a world of carpets and curtains, and forgets temporarily about a social life. However, one does have her share; there are three to choose from: Bob- somewhat spoiled, Tad good; Cliff- hard-working, dedicated to architecture who has a blueprint of The Girl he'll marry. Strong, straight Cliff wins; he mellows a bit suddenly and Prill leaps at his proposal. Despite the author's attempt to show that it's a disorganized, rat-race of a business, Prill's rapid success in romance and her quick climb upward in the office gives a deceiving fresh coat of paint to the chipped-plaster world.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1964
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls