A PICNIC FOR JUDY by Marjory Hall


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An abrupt move from the city to a small Maine sea resort town throws Judy Wilson into an emotional tizzy when her father decides to exchange his clothing store job for that of running a hotel. Facing what she is sure to be boredom and loneliness, Judy bates leaving her gang in Springvale, even though she feels she has never been on equal terms with them socially. But in Maine, things begin to pick up slowly and surely. The variety of guests at Red Rock Inn proves interesting rather than dull, as do the people living in Pine Bay. Judy gets acquainted with Miss Clovelli a designer, and throws herself into redecorating the inn. She gets acquainted too with Greg Hudson, a boy from New Jersey who takes a real liking to Pine Bay and with him plans to go to the University of Maine where they can study and work for a future together. A simple, easy road to happiness here.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1955
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls