WHIRL OF FASHION by Marjory Hall


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From the active pen of Marjory Hall comes another teenage story for girls with the sure fire elements of romance, challenge and deserved success. Because she worked after school and suffered from an impoverished wardrobe, Felicia was weighed down by a heavy chip on her shoulder. But the simultaneous attentions of three young men and an excellent position as a sleep-in baby sitter for a rich, young and generous employer force her to her own attributes and reevaluate her opinions about wealthy people, specifically those she has been ""freezing out"" at school. In addition to offering her friendship and extra clothes, her employer introduces Felicia to sewing and dress designing skills which Felicia Incorporates into her annual school art project. Although her project falls short of perfection, Felicia is encouraged to enter the Whirl of Fashion contest and in preparation for it, she gets a job in a dress shop. Her growing acceptance of herself is climaxed by a romance with that boy beyond reach and the ending sees an engaged and radiant girl off to Paris, winner of an art scholarship. Sentimental, too pat, but gals on vacation from a tr reality will eat it up.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1961
Publisher: Westminster