THE CABIN ON GHOSTLY POND by Marjurie Reynolds
Kirkus Star


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E Since his feelings of isolation and loneliness had s be. Not that he missed the tensions of his former home, but even they to the he now shared with his mother and the prospect of laking off for Hawali and m to a man to had never seen. A trip not West to his form s the ideal answer from mother's standpoint, but to regarded the whole with suspect and fear. The warmth and sincerity of G welcomes, the lay of a mare, the wisdom of Gramp's code of ethics soon pe the boy's mis. When a fu from a nearby reform school turns up at special to is fascinated by the boy's behavior and his crime. Though with the ta necessities of life - food, shelter, me he in return. Through Tony he is able to work out his own fee of g and ha and to temper painful memories with a few pleasant ones. A in which T is cleared of all charges in absentia and some occasional how are only minor flaws in a book which presents a real boy s by real adults workday definitely if not altogether directly toward the should on of a real problem. Welcome and recommended reading.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1962
Publisher: Harper