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PITY THE SINNER by Mark Daniel


by Mark Daniel

Pub Date: April 18th, 1996
ISBN: 0-312-14027-4
Publisher: St. Martin's

 Good news, bad news. An extra รบ80,000 has miraculously sprung up in the joint account that hard-up steeplechase jockey Neil Munrow shares with his voracious ex-wife Katya Jensen. But just hours after Neil's discovered the money was a mistake--the loan he'd sought from racecourse sharpie Daniel Quinn was inadvertently quadrupled--Katya's snatched it. So now Neil, who acknowledges he'd do absolutely anything to protect his two-year- old daughter Polly, is in Quinn's pocket, and a nasty pocket it is. Neil's perfectly willing to throw the races he knows Quinn will suavely request as his due. But when Quinn demands something more--that Neil take out a fellow jockey in an ``accidental'' collision at the track--he and Isobel Dewing, the resourceful solicitor's clerk who's warming his bed, know it's time to stand up to Quinn, his creature Keith Gurdon, and his whole monstrous retinue of thugs, even though Neil has hinted from the beginning that acting the hero will turn him into a murderer. The inevitable showdown comes in the form of a late-night siege of Neil's house--a marvelously overextended tour de force that'll make your hair stand on end. The most formulaic of Daniel's four racing thrillers (Sleek Bodies, 1995, etc.), but in its mounting pace, very reminiscent of Dick Francis's Nerve, the most deeply satisfying of them all.