DIN OF INEQUITY by Mark Denning


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Narrator/tough-guy Mike Wade, 28, has just gotten out of jail for ""conspiracy"": he was a CIA agent caught in the post-Watergate anti-dirty-tricks backlash. Hired by a Reno casino as an ail-purpose troubleshooter, Mike soon finds himself being shot at. He also finds himself playing bodyguard to a visiting US Senator (unpopular for his anti-oil views) and servicing the Senator's nympho daughter--in crude sex scenes of the ""rampant hardness"" school. The daughter gets kidnapped; the slimy bad guys try to kill both the Senator and Mike; Mike winds up nabbing the evil ones and choosing nice casino-hostess Nancy over the nympho. Starting right off the bat with that tineared pun of a title: dumb paperback-pulp kiss/bang fare--out of place between hard Covers.

Pub Date: Feb. 2nd, 1983
Publisher: St. Martin's