WOMANHUNT by Mark Derby


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From his first (to me) thriller, Afraid in the Dark, (1952) to last year's Sun in the Hunter's Eyes Mark Derby has managed to sustain a high pitch of suspense, a sort of prolonged Hitchcock atmosphere. Once again it is here, in Womanhunt, in which he has some new angles against his familiar background of the Malayan jungles:- two secret agents, the man sent out to investigate suspicion that the woman is acting for both sides, a woman he loved, and was to grow to love more. Playing in counterpoint to this assignment, set in a suspect educational institution, is the tiger hunt, which was to be Dix' cover, but which turned out to be a terrifying and haunting experience in itself. Exciting reading, if now and again confused with crossed lines of subplots, this is a fast moving story in an exotic setting.

Pub Date: Aug. 28th, 1959
Publisher: Viking