MAN'S FOOD: Its Rhyme and Reason by Mark Graubard

MAN'S FOOD: Its Rhyme and Reason

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A book for adult education, for nutrition courses, for the housewife whose interest extends to the lore of food. It examine historical, social, racial, tribal, religious, emotional, traditional material on food taboos, customs, discriminations, prohibitions, and so on. There is information on deficiences, on sloppy diets, on supplementing and balancing foods, on building food habits that are rested in science. The ten groups of foods are discussed; -- (1) the citrus fruits, cabbage, tomatoes, vegetables; (2) breads and cereals; (3) milk; (4) condiments and spices; (5) eggs; (6) meat and fish; (7) vegetables, roots, legumes, nuts; (8) fats and oils; (9) sugar; (10) stimulants and intoxionte; their virtues and how to preserve them; their dangers and how to avoid them. An interesting chapter on table manners; instruction on foods of the future, contributing overall to greater food awareness and the necessity of improving our food habits.

Pub Date: Nov. 30th, 1943
Publisher: Macmillan