THOU WORM JACOB by Mark Mirsky


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The family of Jacob weak like the worm its strength only in its mouth"" These are some of the annals of the pilgrim fathers of New England Judaism in Dorchester, Mass., the elders of Zion of Blue Hill Avenue, the Lears of G & G delicatessen. Dreizen, the Moyhel (""from relief the Goyim in the post office have cut off"") and his friend, the Cantor; Druckman the Dreckman who became a captain of industry in his father-in-law's junk business, only to be disinherited; Pfeffer, once the Shammos of Arostook County, Maine, dispossessed by his daughter; Fagle, the widower, subjected to the mink-in-Miami whims of a second wife; etc., etc. ""God forbid a human being should have to weep such tears."" Oy--it's the Gevult gestalt, seen through a Golden haze. And as such funny. In spots.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1967
Publisher: Macmillan