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Staying Close to What Is Sacred

by Mark Nepo

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4516-7466-8
Publisher: Free Press

A meditative approach to silencing the world’s noise.

"[H]ow do we lean in and listen to all that is not us," writes poet and philosopher Nepo (As Far As the Heart Can See: Stories to Illuminate the Soul, 2011, etc.), "to all that is calling, to the particular angel waiting to guide us more thoroughly into who we are born to be?" Through personal examples and extensive “reflective pause” sections, in which the author provides meditation practices, journal exercises, and questions to be shared with friends and loved ones, readers receive tools necessary to slow down and learn to listen in a deep, meaningful way. Listening is more than the act of physically hearing; it is the process of stopping the chatter in the mind, diving deeper into the self so that one may be open and present to the mysterious marvels that surround us at every moment. It is connecting with one's intuition, with "the Source" (or Creator), and honoring all with love and reverence. Nepo admits that entering the silence requires courage and commitment, but each experience of entering this state brings readers into deep relaxation and the awareness of a connection with the web of life. By being authentic to the calling of one's soul, one moves closer to a sense of peace, where self-centeredness, disappointment and daily struggles dissolve into humility and wonder. By learning to truly listen, which entails hard work and the willingness to change over time, one can develop a meaningful connection with the soul.

Not for skeptics of spiritualism or New-Age ideas, but Nepo provides thorough methods for reaching deeper into the inner self.