EINSTEIN'S BRAIN by Mark Olshaket


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Paul Garrett, a top MIT theoretical physicist, is on the verge of completing Einstein's Unified Field Theory--and he's unaware that he's being observed by secret groups in London, Chicago, and at Langley Field. But Paul starts figuring out that something's fishy when his fellow researcher Harry Gillette suddenly dies, when his new friend Amanda West (a science-magazine editor) is followed by a man who winds up dead in Bloomingdale's, and when his physicist-wife Julia is murdered in a fake sleeping-pill-and-gin suicide. What's going on? Could it have something to do with the fact that Paul, Amanda, and Israel's scientific rabbi Nat Kagen all had brain-tumor surgery done by Dr. Norbert Ramsey 20 years ago? Or that all three have terrific clairvoyant powers and have been envisioning parts of the Unified Field Theory? You guessed it: Einstein's brain is not dead; it's alive and well and living, transplanted, in three different skulls. And the villains will do anything to get hold of Paul and his fellow brains as they arrive at the Unified Field Theory--which will lead to the greatest weapon and power sources ever known. The finale, with MOSSAD helping Paul rescue kidnapped Amanda, is dumb bang-bang stuff. But readers who dig far-out neurosurgical hokum and hookah-dreams of Unified Field Theory may find this agreeable nonsense in a pseudo-scientific vein.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1981
Publisher: Evans