THE TRANSIENTS by Mark Van Doren


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A queer, other-worldly sort of book, the tale of two creatures of a spiritual world become mortal for a brief span of twenty-one days. The man spends part of his time, deliberately, in jail, as protection from the world, for he never loses the knowledge nor the acceptance of his fate; the girl learns the temptation of the trappings of mortality, a home, a husband, love. She strives to hold him to earth -- he tries to make her see its limitations, and fails. When their fate calls, she resists twelve hours beyond the appointed time -- he goes at once -- the mortals whose paths they have crossed are left, at loose ends. Not for the general public. Those who like esoteric literature, symbolism, and so on, may find it holds significance for them. Stock lightly, with special customers in mind -- if at all.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1934
Publisher: Morrow