BEST HUMOR 1949-1950 by
Kirkus Star

BEST HUMOR 1949-1950

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The first of a proposed annual collection this rounds up the current crop of humor and humorists, from A to Z, from magazines, books, newspaper columns, short stories, etc., etc. In full and in part, here are poetry, articles, fiction, cartoons, whose authorship ranges from Cleveland Amory, Robert Benchley, Bob Considine, Wolcott Gibbs, the Gilbreths, Langston Hughes, John Lardner, David McCord, Ruth McKenney, Ogien Nash, Perelman, uark, on to Louis Zara and Maurics Zolotow. As you can see the accent is not on funny men per for some of the inclusions are from novels, from general non-fiction, as well as from straight humor fields. A natural for the Christmas season and a far better book than the run-of-the-mill joke collections.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1950
Publisher: Holt