CASSIS by Mark Walker


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A simpleminded revenge melodrama that often reads almost like a parody of its models--a little Raymond Chandler, a lot of Mickey Spillane. Expatriate freewheeler Marvin (Mat‚) Robards returns to Cassis on the Riviera, where he was doublecrossed by a couple of cheap hoods (and his girl Georgina) and set up to be shot, then left for dead by Corsican mobsters--as we learn in a 70-page flashback. Mat‚, survived all that somehow; and now he's back, incognito (big beard, long hair, 20 lbs. thinner), determined to locate his betrayers and take revenge--which he does, despite the interference of sexy but dumb Georgina: ""Goddam dizzy broad! What was she doing here? Hadn't he told her to get lost? Now she was sure to be wasted in the crossfire between these gangsters!"" An amateurish, paperback-style throwback.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1979
Publisher: Walker