ARMAGEDDON GAME by Mark Washburn


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1 underground bomb expert + 1 plutonium heist + 1 minutely described construction of a nuclear bomb = 1 techno-politico-disastro-caper-thriller--a formula that's becoming more standard than E=mc2. This version features Sam Boggs, disillusioned '60s-radical explosives master, interested in ""the atomic bomb as art,"" hired by an unknown group to make one. Too late he finds his lost conscience and tries to sabotage his plutonium masterpiece, while a blonde bombshell named Heidi who loves only sex and murder tries to have it with him both ways. A few quick betrayals and turnabouts reveal the other participants in the Armageddon Game as the CIA, an international oil corporation, and a nasty African dictator (at least no Arabs this time). Ali this is slickly handled, but the high body count, emotionally detached hero, glib, hardboiled style and (despite much political moralizing) apolitical and amoral outlook leave a familiar putrid taste in the mouth and fetid cloud in the air--plutonium maybe?

Pub Date: June 8th, 1977
Publisher: Putnam