MARLENE DIETRICH'S ABC by Marlene Dietrich


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Miss Dietrich's observations, opinions, suggestions, and occasional autobiographical tidbits -- all in the form of casual compendia, listed alphabetically -- should delight the Marlenophiles and impress even the disinterested. To a wide range of subjects, she brings wit, articulateness, genuine sophistication, and much warmth. Like so many artists of the sub-species legendary, Miss Dietrich has great feeling for her fellow artists. The most gracious of nice words go to Eileen Heckert: ""If she were acting in Europe, she would be Queen of the Boards. In America, the typecasting barbarism deprives the world of her true talents""...Jascha Heifetz: ""The sound of his strings is so perfect, so pure, that sometimes I wish be would descend from his height and be human.""...Hemingway: ""My personal Rock of Gibraltar.""...and definitely, on Mr. Fred Antaire: ""Elegant! Elegant! Elegant!"" Miss Dietrich's ABC, it should be said, is much, much more than a chatty ""celebrologue"". One doesn't go through what she went through and remain apolitical. Here are very definite ideas about medicine, the American economy, cooking, sex and the American back seat, justice, Jews, Germany, and Italian men -- ""Beautiful 'hot air'"". Though it would be too bad were this work written instead of a legitimate autobiography -- especially when one considers the tripe written by aged starlets who have done nothing of moment outside of a celluloid can- this is nonetheless nice, stimulating, sometimes even poetic writing.

Pub Date: July 20th, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday