LOSS WF by Marlow E


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A second novel by the author of Hiltreth which won the Red Book-Dodd, Mead prie in 1949. This time an emotional interplay of a group of people over a difficult week-end, when outspoken, unruly Livy goes to spend the week-end with the family of Ames, with whom she has fallen deeply in love. The family situation is a delicate one, and Livy sets them all an edge, from the cook whose antagonism she arouses, to her perspective in laws down the line. The husband of her sister-in-law-to-be turns out to be arl, once her lover, and he tries to force her to break with Amen -- and them commits au. Only when Livy realizes that security with Ames means thinking of him and not herself done any chance of happiness open out. There is a fresh feel to the handling of the girl to this story of constantly shifting balances. Reads well.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead