WILLING HOSTAGE by Marlys Millhiser


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This is not as exclusively feminine as her first two (Michael's Wife; Nella Waits)--a suspense story as unhealthy as the all outdoors in the Rockies where it takes place. Leah Harper heads up there after a string of personal failures knotted by her mother's suicide; en route she picks up a large, unshakablÉ Siamese and a man with a gun looking for a girl called Sheila. For some time he's not sure that Leah isn't Sheila and before long she's certainly not sure just who he is except that he seems to be wanted by everyone. Is he a company spy, placed by the equivalent of the CIA, out to expose another government scandal? Anyway he's alternately gentle and rough and desperate as they're chased by helicopter above and make a wild ride down some river rapids. A real run for your money.

Pub Date: June 25th, 1976
ISBN: 0786701102
Publisher: Putnam