THE LONG AGO LAKE: A Child's Book of Nature Lore and Crafts by Marne Wilkins

THE LONG AGO LAKE: A Child's Book of Nature Lore and Crafts

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In the deliberately old-fashioned, woodsy-looking format of the Sierra Club series, Wilkins mixes reminiscences of her Wisconsin childhood with bits of advice for coping in the woods and water, snippets of nature lore (some of it learned from Chippewa friends), and instructions for a variety of craft projects which include constructing a reflector oven for outdoor cooking, making a coiled clay pot and firing it outdoors, building a rock wall, and tanning a hide! Wilkins' childhood experiences range from collecting flowers in a meadow through ice boating to being ringed in by a circular forest fire--along with other family members in their August camp and neighboring Chippewa in their year-round village. For others with similar memories it is no doubt a charming book, and perhaps those of today's children who are lucky enough to experience an occasional woodland vacation will find it an agreeable companion--though some of the projects, even in a wilderness setting, are easier to read about than to try to execute.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1978
Publisher: Sierra Club/Scribners