THIS IS DEMOCRACY: Labor's Rise to Power in Scandinavia by Marquis W. Childs
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THIS IS DEMOCRACY: Labor's Rise to Power in Scandinavia

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Childs has done it again. He has breathed life into the picture of a country remote from us, and made it grand reading. He touched on labor problems in Sweden: The Middle Way. In this he does a scholarly job of historical research into the growth of the labor movement in Scandinavia. Cooperation -- this time between labor and business -- is the backbone of success, and has been achieved without sacrificing recognition of fundamental differences. He tells of the labor leaders, their training and education, and shows reason for faith in them as leaders. He tells how labor agreements are made, how arbitration is used, how strikes are settled. He tells of organization within the white collar class, domestic workers, farm laborers. He makes the solution of a world problem there a challenge to democracies everywhere.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1938
Publisher: Yale